Trademark Law

Trademarks refer to the unambiguous identification of products and services. They can consist of words, letters, numbers, logos as well as colors or acoustic signals. Particularly imaginative and prominent trademarks can sustainably underscore the quality of products and services as well as the image of your company. Trademarks also frequently provide accompanying protection for inventions or designs already protected by patents by protecting the innovative products under a unique brand or promoting them with a protected slogan. Because trademark protection can be infinitely extended, it is suited for decades-long customer retention, even if other property rights have long expired. In addition to protecting the trademark, trademark law also regulates the protection of company symbols.

Outside of Germany, trademark protection can be obtained for all countries of the European Union through a single application procedure: from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain.

Outside of the EU, we cooperate worldwide with our correspondence partners to offer you comprehensive international protection options.